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FEATURE: From trackside toddler to top speed – Britney Olive

Drag racing is a sport all about time, and the distance one person might travel given a few seconds of it. On the strip time passes intensely, away from the track it passes with subtlety – yet still no less rapid in our minds. And this is how we end up with people who were toddlers when Sydney Dragway opened, such as Britney Olive, now racing fully fledged drag machines.

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FEATURE: Miracle at 1000 feet – Terry Sainty

Innovation driven through need has been the defining trait of the Sainty family, a team that has near enough to three decades of Top Fuel experience. They wanted to be out there, badly, and with imagination and engineering brilliance they found ways to be on the track that no other active Top Fuel team in the world is capable of, or willing to do.

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The ANGRIEST issue of Drag News Magazine yet – #47 now out!

During these strange times, Drag News Magazine hasn’t stopped bringing you the stories of drag racers from around Australia, and as the sport builds towards a return to racing we have some fantastic teams featured in the jam-packed 64 pages of our 47th issue. Check out the description and some inside previews below!

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EVENTS I REMEMBER: 2012 Pro Series 1000

Welcome to a new mini-series of articles on Drag News Magazine called ‘Events I Remember’. With Australian drag racing currently on hold due to COVID-19 we are going back through some of the most memorable events over the last decade, and more, of the sport.

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