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FEATURE: The flat pack doorslammer

Swedish furniture giant Ikea is famous for its flat packed furniture, using inspired design to create stylish household items that you can build yourself, often with just their famed allen key. There is a drag racing version of this.

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FEATURE: Phil Penny’s turbo 2JZ-powered Honda S600

Two words can summarise Phil Penny’s Honda S600 – genre-defying. The body shouts nostalgia, but the turbo poking out of the bonnet argues an outlaw of some description. Between the chassis rails the Toyota 2JZ motor is all sport compact, but on the tyres it’s a 10.5. The conflict is just how Penny likes it.

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FEATURE: Business time for Shane Tucker

Shane Tucker was a champion racer in Junior Dragster and had aspirations to follow his father’s footsteps in Pro Stock, only bigger. Leads presented themselves in the USA, where Shane could pursue his childhood dream of becoming an NHRA drag racer. He had talent as a driver, marketable looks and the curiosity factor of being Australian.

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FEATURE – Mopar’s main man

Factory involvement has always been crucial to Pro Stock in the US, but in Australia participation from the corporates lagged behind. That was until Lee Bektash came on to the scene with Mopar, developing a partnership that is now close to a decade old and has ensured Pro Stock remains a three way war between Ford, Chev and Dodge.

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